Speak Up London

About Speak Up London

We are a school with big ideas and do not set limits on what our students and staff can achieve.

At Speak Up London, we aim to prepare students and staff to succeed in achieving their learning goals and potential by providing an excellent learning experience..

At Speak Up, we celebrate diversity in an environment that encourages respect and dignity for all individuals who work and study with us. 


Our core values include:
– Teamwork – collaboration is key to achieving your goals

– Diversity & Equality – we celebrate our cultural and ethnic backgrounds in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities

– Open communication – We foster an environment of direct and open communication at all levels of the school. 

– Ambition – We aim to deliver the highest standards; to both our learners and employees. 

– Progressive spirit – We believe that challenging the status quo in a changing world demands innovative thinking and dedication to growth.

Our Story