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Top 5 free resources to help your learning

If you are looking for some great free resources to help you improve your English outside of class, then you have plenty of choice.


There is an incredible variety of YouTubers making content specifically for language learners, some with several million subscribers. Since it started in 2005, YouTube has become a fantastic resource to help you improve. 

One of the most popular is ‘English with Lucy’, a native British speaker with hundreds of videos for you to watch, on everything from grammar to business English.

If you like to listen to stories, then check out ‘English Stories’, where you can read the story at the same time if you prefer. The stories are written at different levels, so if you are an elementary learner or an advanced student, you can find something for you.


If you are looking for help with your pronunciation, or you read a specific word and you’re not sure how it’s pronounced, you might like YouGlish

Type in any word you want and it searches YouTube videos to find the word. Then you can listen to the word pronounced in context by a variety of speakers. You can even specify if you prefer to hear the word in just the British, American or Australian accent.

 It is a fantastic tool that many of our teachers use in class, and you can also use it for listening practice. 


TubeQuizard was created by English language teachers for learners like you. It works in a similar way to YouTube, as you can search for specific grammar and vocabulary lessons, or just choose a level and pick an activity.

There are exercises, quizzes, news stories and much more. It’s free and extremely useful. We love it.

BBC Learning English

If you want a single website which has everything in one place then the BBC has their excellent Learning English site. 

The BBC has been helping people learn English since 1943 and they have an enormous amount of content to help you too. You can find videos, readings, listenings, grammar exercises, vocabulary and much more. It’s all free, there is new stuff posted all the time and you are sure to find something you like.

The British Council: Learn English

Another excellent resource that is very well respected and that has everything from videos to grammar exercises is the British Council’s Learn English website. The British Council is the organisation that regulates all language schools including Speak Up, so you know you can trust it. 

There is plenty more out there on the internet to help you. However, if you want advice on which platform and resources are the best to help you improve your English learning experience, have a chat with your Speak Up London teacher.