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Online vs Face-to-face English classes – what is right for you?

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Learning English can improve your communication skills to allow you to speak with people from around the world. Books, journals and magazines are usually written, in English because it is the most widely used language. Nowadays, it is not possible to communicate without basic English skills. Also, the demand for learning English is getting higher because employers need employees who have high level English skills. 

Learning English online has become popular, and students choose this option for many reasons. A few reasons are that it is affordable, convenient, and flexible. However, learning English in the classroom gives you the freedom and confidence to practise the language with other students, while learning English online gives you a more personalised English session. There are positives and negatives for both types of classes, and this article discusses them.

1/ Online classes

The good

When it comes to learning, students have different preferences. One of these preferences are online classes, which is great because if you are busy and can’t attend a face-to-face class, this is for you. Also, online classes allow you to learn at your own time and at your own speed

Learning a new skill is hard and takes time, so if you have a lot of responsibilities (i.e., work, family) in your daily life, then online learning is ideal for you because you can learn when it suits you. Also, speaking English in front of other students may be frightening for people, or it may be that students don’t feel comfortable speaking English in front of other students, so online classes may give you the confidence of speaking freely with just your teacher. 

Online classes also mean there would be less social interaction with other students. This is something to think of, especially if you are a social person who loves to meet people and likes interacting with others in the class. 

The bad

Distractions are the major problem for online learning, so for this reason, you must be self-motivated and disciplined. It requires a lot of self-direction. So, if you are easily distracted and lose focus, this may not be a good choice. Your teacher will prepare and create personalised lessons, but you must be ready to do the work.

2/ Face-to-face classes

In-class learning gives you chances to practise your English in a classroom setting with other students. This type of learning benefits students more than online classes because the teaching and learning activities are interactive and engaging, which gives you further opportunities to develop your English language skills. 

Also, you would have chances to make new friends and attend social gatherings – which would improve your social life and strengthen your communication skills. 

I have seen students attend my English classes for the first time, and they felt nervous because it was a new experience for them. This is normal. They felt confident and motivated when they could write sentences, made friends, and spoke with others in the class.

You may feel nervous and shy about attending an English lesson for the first time, which is normal. Continue your journey – you will see progress being made. 

Author: Uwais – Teacher