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General English

Over 10,000 students have studied an English course with us.

Study General English

In a general English class, you’ll learn how to communicate. You’ll improve your speaking and listening skills, brush up on your grammar and vocabulary, and practise everyday English in a variety of contexts. You’ll also:

  • focus on formality and learn what language makes you sound more serious and what expressions can be used with friends.
  • find out how to approach written and audio text and learn the skills you need to understand them.
  • improve your pronunciation and practice listening to different accents.
  • learn how to sound natural
  • pick up everyday vocabulary which makes you sound like a native speaker
  • learn about Britain, other English-speaking places, as well as your classmates’ home countries.

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Over the last 9 years, we have provided General English courses to over 10,000 students! Yes – that’s right – 10,000 students!

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General English Course Outlines

Every General English course follows a course book, with the aim of covering one unit a week. Your teacher will send you a provisional timetable for the week via email before your Tuesday lesson, so you have an idea of what parts of the unit will be covered and when. Homework is set every evening, including some writing.

If you want to buy a course book, you can buy it for £30. If you want to rent a course book, you can rent it for £30 but you get £15 back when you return the book. Course books can be purchased at the reception.

Trial Class

Have a taster of what a lesson would be like when you study with us: qualified teachers, industry-recognized resources, and real learning.

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We also offer online trials depending on the courses currently running.

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