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Online classes for professionals

The Business English Online course is the perfect alternative for those looking to improve their English level in the comfort of their home.

In this course, students will develop their confidence in the English language. They will be given a skill-set for high-level international communication and relationship-building.

They will have an opportunity to see and have an understanding of how others work in different markets while sharing the experience of mastering a new language.

What main Business related skills will be improved?

  • meetings, negotiating, and discussion skills
  • phone and online communication skills
  • business networking and socializing skills
  • ability to give presentations and keynote speeches
  • and business communication


Business English Course Outlines

Every student is different, which is why your teacher is going to tailor the materials they use to your specific needs.
We have access to a range of up-to-date resources, but our teachers also create their own interactive materials based on authentic texts and recordings to help you progress quickly.

On the Business English Online course, teachers will follow well-known course books such as Market Leader 3rd ed. Extra. Most of the course books we use offer digital versions.


All of our teachers have a CELTA or DELTA qualification which is awarded by the University of Cambridge – or an equivalent qualification which meets the standards for teaching set out by the British Council.

They are passionate about teaching English and are observed regularly to make sure they are always improving.

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