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what to do in london this february
what to do in london this february (mobile)

What’s there to do in London this February?

Whether you’re a local, a student at our English school, or just visiting, there’s an array of experiences waiting for you in this dynamic city. Let’s explore what London has in store for us this month.

  • Candlelight Concerts. Experience the magic of classical music illuminated by candlelight in London’s historic venues. This enchanting evening merges the beauty of music with the allure of history, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.
  • London Fashion Week. Dive into the world of high fashion at London Fashion Week, where cutting-edge designs and trends take center stage. Witness the creativity of top designers as they redefine style for the upcoming season.
  • Sky Garden views. Elevate your London experience with a visit to the Sky Garden, where sweeping city views meet lush greenery. It’s an urban oasis that offers a unique perspective of the capital from above.
  • Borough Market Tasting Tour. Embark on a gastronomic journey through Borough Market, London’s culinary treasure. Sample artisanal foods and discover flavors from around the world in this bustling marketplace.
  • Thames River Cruise. See London from a new angle on a Thames River Cruise. Glide past iconic landmarks and learn about the city’s rich tapestry of history from the water’s perspective.
  • Comedy Nights. Unwind with an evening of laughter at one of London’s comedy clubs. Enjoy performances from both seasoned comedians and fresh faces on the comedy scene.
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour. Step into the magical world of Harry Potter with a studio tour. Explore the enchanting sets, costumes, and props that brought the beloved series to life.
  • Street Art Tours. Discover the vibrant street art that adorns London’s walls on a guided tour. Learn about the artists and the stories behind their impactful and colorful works.

If you’re in London this February, why not take the opportunity to improve your English skills? London is not just a city of sights and sounds; it’s also a fantastic place to learn and practice the English language.

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