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Whatever you need IELTS for; we are here to help you get the results you need.

This course focuses on the skills you need to pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. The course is structured to improve your proficiency in all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Regular tests and tutorials, including mock exam papers, will help you prepare for the big day and build your confidence.

Our teachers give you the attention and support you need, with regular feedback on your speaking and writing, as well as varied homework assignments to suit your needs and learning style.

IELTS is recognized internationally and accepted by most Universities to prove your level of English. The cost of the IELTS exam is approximately £185 depending on the examination centre you choose. There may be an extra fee of around £15 if you don’t book your exam by the deadline.

Check out the format of the IELTS test on the official IELTS website here. Did you know that we can help you with your university application too?


IELTS Course Outlines

On average a unit from the course book is covered in a week. Your teacher will send you a provisional timetable for the week via email before your Tuesday lesson, so you have an idea of what parts of the unit will be covered and when.

Homework is set every evening, including some writing. Evening courses also use course books but cover a unit in about 2 weeks.

Trial Class

Have a taster of what a lesson would be like when you study with us: qualified teachers, industry-recognized resources, and real learning.

Are you based in London? Come to the office and book a face-to-face trial lesson.
We also offer online trials depending on the courses currently running.

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