Speak Up London


Connect with our experienced London-based teachers and students from all over the world and take your English to the next level, all from the comfort of your own home.

In our online courses, we will give you tools to communicate effectively in both social and business situations.

You’ll get to:

  • Learn different ways to agree and disagree, negotiate, complain, make predictions and develop many other skills essential for everyday communication,


  • Practise the new skills and language that you’ve learnt with other students in realistic social and professional scenarios, e.g. complaining about food in a restaurant, negotiating plans for a holiday or making predictions about the outcome of your favourite TV show,


  • Get feedback from the teacher on your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation


  • Grow in confidence in how you use and feel about English


Entry Level: A2

Length: Minimum 4 weeks

Class duration: 2 hours

Class Size: Maximum 10

Minimum Age: 16


This course won’t just help you to know English. It will help you to use it.

The course has a function-based syllabus. A language function is something that helps us achieve a goal in communication in a variety of contexts. Examples of functions include: agreeing or disagreeing with someone, asking for opinions, complaining etc. Think of a function as a tool that enables you to do things in real life more effectively.

Imagine you need to get somewhere quickly. You can walk, but it will take a long time. You can take a bus, but you’ll have to wait for it and then you might get stuck in traffic. Or you can use a scooter and it will get you to your destination in no time. It will save you both time and energy, and it is not difficult to learn. A language function is like this scooter – if you know the right language and have enough opportunities to practise, you can communicate faster and better.


– 12th February

– 11th March

– 8th April