Speak Up London – Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions


Referring a friend is a great way to tell others about Speak Up London. As with all offers, there are a few rules so everyone plays fair. Here they are:


Speak Up London account holders can…


  • Refer multiple friends – there’s no limit. Referred friends must be completely new to Speak Up London. They can’t have placed an order free or paid at any time.
  • Only have one Speak Up London account (which must have a problem-free history) and can’t refer themselves. Sorry!
  • Post the unique referral link on personal social media accounts, excluding any site that is contributed to or owned by someone else (eg Wikipedia and coupon websites). Note: search engine marketing (eg Adwords, Yahoo or Bing) must not be used to promote posts.

Referred friends can…

  • Join Speak Up London as a referred friend if they’ve never made an order. They can start referring their own friends as soon as they have a Speak Up London account.
Let’s talk rewards


Once the referred friend uses your code:

  • The referrer will receive £50. They can use this towards their own course or earn cashback!
  • The referred friend gets the advertised % discount on all courses.


What you cannot do:

You cannot use more than coupon code at any given time or add coupon codes together. 

You cannot redeem the £50 as cashback if for any reason the referred friend does not pay the registration fee, e.g. part of a promotion. 

You cannot use the coupon code for online courses and are only applicable to face to face lessons in our London school. 

Any cash back that is subject to international bank transfers will incur bank charges usually at £17.00 per transaction, therefore we recommend that you request payment through paypal or other such means. 

We reserve the right to change the cashback amount and discount amount at any time.