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Choose from English for work, Online IELTS preparation or General English

Need IELTS for University, Visa or Work?

Our online IELTS course will help you get the score you need. You will do plenty of practice tests with your teacher, learn how to get the maximum score in each skill. We have helped thousands of students get the score they need. 


Price per week

2 weeks £69
4 weeks £65
6 weeks £60
8 weeks £55

Time: 15.30 – 17.30 (UK TIME)

Level: B2 (Upper-intermediate) or above

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Hours per week: 6

Improve all of your skills

Our General English online course helps you improve all of your skills – listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and much more.

It’s a perfect course for you if you don’t want to lose all of the hard you have done learning English so far. 


Price per week

2 weeks £49
4 weeks £45
6 weeks £40
8 weeks £35

Time: 17.00 – 19.00 (UK TIME)

Level: B2 (Upper-intermediate) or above

Days: Monday & Wednesday

Hours per week: 4 

Promotion? Impress your employer?

Our English for work course is for those individuals who want to get the best out of their jobs, are trying to get a promotion, or want to add to their CV. 

This course is suitable for any industry or job you are in. 

Price per week

2 weeks £55
4 weeks £50
6 weeks £45
8 weeks £40

Time: 17.00 – 19.00 (UK TIME)

Level: B1 (Intermediate) or above

Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Hours per week: 4

Need some individual attention?

Individual online lessons are perfect for you if you want to improve on something specific e.g. speaking or pronunciation. You can use the individual lesson for anything you want – your classes could even be used to help you prepare for an interview. 

Price per hour

1 hour £45
2-20 hours £40
21-40 hours £35
41+ £30

Time: Based on your availability

Level: All levels

Days: Any day

What you get with our Online lessons

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Qualified Teachers

All of our teachers have a CELTA or DELTA qualification which is accredited by the University of Cambridge – or equivalent. They have great experience and are passionate about teaching English. Teachers are observed regularly to make sure they are always improving.


FREE E-learning access

Each student gets free access to an e-learning platform. Which includes a FREE e-learning coursebook, free tests, assessments, listening exercises and much more. 

You will get homework and self study material so you can keep studying after class.

Good sized groups

We do our best to keep groups at a good size, we have a maximum of 10 students allowed per class. This is not too many and not too little.

It’s the perfect group size for you to get enough attention from the teacher, make new friends and practice what you have learnt.

London based teachers

All of our online teachers are from our LONDON based school. They are all qualified and will also teach you British culture and values, along with things like slang and common British phrases. 

Mobile Friendly

Don’t have a laptop or computer? No problem!

Our online platform is mobile friendly and you can join the same as if you were on a laptop or computer.

Evening times

All of our online classes are mainly in the evening, so if you work or study during the day – they fit perfectly with your schedule. 


Here are the most common questions from students about our online courses

How does the platform look like?

It’s similar to a skype lesson but with a digital interactive whiteboard in a group. It’s like having a lesson in the school but in a digital format. You can ask questions as normal, write on the board and work in small groups. 

Do I get a certificate?

Yes! At the end of your course you will get a fancy end of course certificate from us. It will say how hard you have worked and what your end level is. Certificates can be used for many things, but most of all they look great when applying for jobs and on your CV.

How long do the courses last for?

The minimum booking is 2 weeks, but you can register for longer if you want. The more weeks you book – the more money you save. 


What if I have technical issues?

The platform has a live chat tool, where you can speak to the technical team to give you help, the school also can do some checks with you to make sure you are able to join the lessons. 

"So flexible and amazing teachers"

I can pick courses anytime I want – I used to study in the school in London, now I am online, it’s like I am at the school again. 

"So many courses to choose from"

I love the choices that I can pick, some weeks I want to focus on my speaking and other times I want to focus on grammar – amazing. 

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