Live Online English lessons 

You can create and manage your own schedule. The live lessons are scheduled at different, flexible times from Monday – Saturday so that you can choose the best time for you to join. If you want to make quick progress – it’s best to commit.  You have the freedom to use as many classes as you like within the month. See results fast.

Choose your package

How many hours do you want to dedicate to YOU?

Choose from 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 or even unlimited hours. Use them when you want and how you want.


Choose your schedule

Select which classes you want to study, all classes are 1 hour each. Pick for example, 2 hours per day, 1 per week, or 1 per month – It’s your choice!

You can mix lessons as you wish! 


Start learning online

Log in to the platform at your class time, don’t worry – we always send you reminders. Add them to your calendar with one click!

Start the journey to change your life.


We have more packages to choose from, pick a 10 hour, 20 hour or 30 hour pack on our full packages page. You can also look at our individual lesson pricing.


What you get with our Online lessons

Join the Speak Up London family and get all the benefits 

Qualified Teachers

All of our teachers have a CELTA or DELTA qualification which is accredited by the University of Cambridge – or equivalent. They have great experience and are passionate about teaching English. Teachers are observed regularly to make sure they are always improving.


FREE E-learning access

Each student gets free access to an e-learning platform. Which includes a FREE e-learning coursebook, free tests, assessments, listening exercises and much more. 

You will get homework and self study material so you can keep studying after class.

Good sized groups

We do our best to keep groups at a good size, we have a maximum of 10 students allowed per class. This is not too many and not too little.

It’s the perfect group size for you to get enough attention from the teacher, make new friends and practice what you have learnt.

London based teachers

All of our online teachers are from our LONDON based school. They are all qualified and will also teach you British culture and values, along with things like slang and common British phrases. 

Mobile Friendly

Don’t have a laptop or computer? No problem!

Our online platform is mobile friendly and you can join the same as if you were on a laptop or computer.

Flexible schedule

Our classes run from morning until evening, and on Saturdays too!

All lessons are 1 hour!

So you can choose as many as you want, when you want. 


Our 1 hour sessions are perfect to learn English fast. You can pick and choose which skills you want to do, you can focus on just one skill or do a combination of all skills – Speaking & Pronunciation, Writing & Grammar, Business English or IELTS. All levels are available so there is something for everyone!

Use as many hours as you want according to your package, whenever you want.


Here are the most common questions from students about our online courses

How does the platform look like?

It’s similar to a skype lesson but with a digital interactive whiteboard in a group. It’s like having a lesson in the school but in a digital format. You can ask questions as normal, write on the board and work in small groups. 

What if I have technical issues?

The platform has a live chat tool, where you can speak to the technical team to give you help, the school also can do some checks with you to make sure you are able to join the lessons. 

Do I get a certificate?

Yes! At the end of your course you will get a fancy end of course certificate from us. It will say how hard you have worked and what your end level is. Certificates can be used for many things, but most of all they look great when applying for jobs and on your CV.

Can I cancel at any time?

We understand that things can change sometimes, so yes of course you can cancel anytime up to your first lesson and get a full refund, some terms apply so check out our full terms and conditions. 

Do I meet other students?

Yes of course! We also hold a weekly group meeting (online) where all students from the school are invited, so you get to meet the online students and the students who are with us in London! So you get to make new friends from all over the world. 

Can I choose different skills everyday?

Of course! Yes! That is what makes our online lessons so popular, you choose your weekly schedule. We are working on an update where you can choose them daily! 

"So flexible and amazing teachers"

I can pick courses anytime I want – I used to study in the school in London, now I am online, it’s like I am at the school again. 

"So many courses to choose from"

I love the choices that I can pick, some weeks I want to focus on my speaking and other times I want to focus on grammar – amazing. 

Ready to get started?

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